Low 12V Voltage

System Specs:
Intel Core i5 760 @3.4 Ghz 1.1v
Asus P7P55D-E
XFX ATI 5850 @stock
Kingston hyperx DDR3 1600 1.65v
Seagate 500 GB
Coolermaster Extreme Power 600

I'm getting really low 12v voltages. In bios it is showing 11.7V. When I do a power supply stress with OCCt it drops to 11.2 V and screen starts to flicker.
But I don't have any problem in gaming. Will it cause any damage to my PC??????
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  1. hmm there's no problem if voltage drops as my currently is on 8v. (though my specs are different)

    but screen flickering is something wrong.
  2. isn't 8v too low??

    hmm..maybe my screen flickering is due to card defects. I hate XFX.
  3. Software usually isn't that good at reading power supply voltages, for some reason. I never get good readings in software, but checking with a multimeter, everything is well within spec.

    It's possible that it could be the card, but if you have no problems during gaming, then it most likely isn't. It could be a problem with the program, the driver, or a combination of the two.

    BUT, if you have no problems gaming, then I wouldn't worry about it unless it starts crashing, flickering, BSODing, etc. Game on. :)
  4. yeah no probs in gaming.. everythings fine..I did a furmark test with prime 95 and no problem occured. So it maybe occt's.
  5. Well, I know that ATI's driver automatically downclocks their cards when it detects that the Furmark engine is running (to prevent overheating), but if you have no problems in actual games, then continue on. :)
  6. (1) Spec for the +12 V is +/- 5% (11.4 -> 12.6).
    (2) Biois readings tend to be accurate (Not 100%, but normally). Remember this is at Idle and will drop under load.
    (3) Felal's +8 is an example of an INVALID reading, system would not work.

    What program are you using to monitor voltage when under load (I normally use furmark and / or Prime 95to load PSU). There is a Good possibility your PSU is infact dropping to 11.2, or close to. This is typical of "poor PSUs ( a drop of -0.5 V when placed under load.

    Best option is to verify with a multimeter. Use the 4 pin molex connector. Black meter lead to Black on molex and red meter lead to Yellow on Molex (red wire on molex is your +5 V).

    Try several programs. I use HWMonitor (Not they show my +12 as -12V)
    I have the gigabyte board and they have a program Easy tune 6 that will display +12V. usually the utility programs that come with the Motherboard are fairly close.
    If the software displays close to +12.0 and drops a couple of tenths when placed under load - it is mostly likely a correct reading +/- 0.1V). If the software shows a Boogus numer then you know it's not valid. This happens when the software is looking at a incorrect location.

    Side Comment: The spec says Min is 11.4, but I start looking to replace a psu if the +12V drops below 11.6 when under heavy load - MUCH better than having a failing, or poor PSU, take out other components - ie GPU/CPU/or MB.
  7. same problem here my psu is cooler master g650m,,& my vga is asus gtx 970 strix ,,pc is typicaly loaded and ups is rellay clicking at curunt drop in main curunt ,after 12v voltage drop 10.8v and maximum 12.4v ,,after restart my pc asus anty sureg protection mb is asus z97 pro gamer
    after im werenty claim my psu
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