Framerate problem with GTX 285

Hello, I'm new to this forum

I have a problem when playing some games, like assassin's creed, fallout 3 and a few others...
Anyway, I think should be running them pretty smoothly, but that doesn't happen.
I've got:

Windows 7 64x
nForce 730i
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
2x2Gb Ram Corsair Xms 800 MHz
EVGA GeForce GTX 285 SSC 1GB

I'm running with a little lower clock on the video card, almost stock-like and I've disabled that hybrid sli with the motherboard's video card, so I'm using only the GTX 285.
I've tried some driver like the latest 197.45 and also a 187.66 that someone recommended.

But when I run Assassin's Creed (the first one, not Assassin's Creed II) on 1440x900 60Hz, All maxed out, I get an average of like 25-30 fps. And I see on forums people saying that with specs similar to mine they get a smooth 60 fps.
Plus sometimes I get error that the some dll of the driver has crashed and the game just stops working.
Some games run smooth like Prototype and Dragon Age: Origins, so I don't know why I can't play Assassins Creed maxed out with at least 45-55 fps always.
I do get good fps if I lower the graphic settings, but a gtx 285 should run it at max well, right?

If anyone had any suggestions I would be glad to hear
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  1. try re-installing the driver. remove the driver and then use driver sweeper program to remove any left over by the driver before reinstalling the driver
  2. I did what you said, took me some work since the stupid windows 7 always tries to install its terrible stardard drive

    But I did uninstall the drivers and the run driver sweeper to be sure that there was nothing left. Then rebooted and installed the brand new 197.45 drivers from, still nothing.

    I run Assassin's Creed and it starts and 35 fps, but when I get to the streets it goes down do 25 and it stays like that. I thought it might be my processor or memory bottlenecking, but a Q6600 should be able to run this game, right?

    I'll see if I can OC the processor, but I'm not sure I'll be able to because of my 800MHz RAM.

    If anyone else had any solutions to my problem I would appreciate.

    Also I ran Assassin's Creed Dx10 and controlled my fans manually to 75% speed, forgot to check my temperatures but I'm pretty sure they're not high, my gtx285 runs at 42C idle.
    And I think overheating is out of question I usa a HAF Coolermaster case, with 3x23cm fans(side, front and top) and a 12cm high rpm fan on the back.
  3. What's your PSU ?
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