Just built my new PC and well =(

When I took everything out and placed it all in the case got all the wires in the proper place and booted it up it posted! Well... after that I inserted my windows 7 disc and tried to install on to my 500gig western digital. I formatted it and then when't to go install and when I did, it said the disk is not allocated?

So then i clicked (Show details) It said 'Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed on to GPT disks =(

What does this mean?

Also my PSU's CPU and MOBO Power cable were rather short are there extensions I can buy?
Everything is greyed out, the only option is new.
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  1. How did you format it? New HDD, new computer windows can do it for you on install!
  2. yes they do sell eps extender cables for the 4/8 pin eps cable on a mb. any good local computer store like micro center should have them if not there about 4-10 online. the 10.00 ones will have the same black cloth sleeving as most modular atx power supply have. the other trick with these new cases is the wires are made to go behind the mb not over it. with windows install go to advance mode go to partions...then delete all of them from the hard drive then reboot. on reboot windows 7 will make a small system partion and a data partion and start the install.
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