Is this a good prebuilt system?

Ok, so I was recently thinking of buying a new computer, and I picked out all the parts and everything.. but the price came out to be 900 WITHOUT OS, but this computer right here.. is 949 (available at a local store for 800 which I saw yesterday) so its $100 cheaper then my build.. and comes with OS, has double the ram, double the HDD memory..everything else is the same as with my parts that I picked

only downfall is that the graphics card is radeon hd 5750, while my build is radeon 5770, but if a radeon 5750 doesn't cut it I can probably easily upgrade after a year or two if I need to...

is gateway a good company? I heard they were pretty bad before but they really brought up their standards the past few years..

heres the link
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  1. As pre-build systems go, it is acceptable :(

    As you stated, the 5750 isn't the best of GPU's and it has a 300W power supply, which would be the FIRST thing I would look to replace with a better quality brand, specially if you want to upgrade GPU's down the road. The hard drive is a "green" series, which typically relates to "SLOW" drive used for storage versus a drive like a WD Black, Samsung Spinpoint F3 or Seagate 7200.12 drive. The hard drive will work but to me is an area of future upgrades, be it a newer hard drive or a SSD.

    Prior to my building days, My family and I only used Gateway and never had a bad experience with them.
  2. I see.. although it says that its a green drive it says that it'll max out the RPM when needed? in your opinion will it be easy to take this apart and upgrade it without screwing anything up.. cause this doesn't have like an easy side panel with thumbscrews that just pops off as far as I know
  3. Yes, it should be easy to take apart and upgrade, as needed (granted you know what you are doing :) ). If you purchase the system, check it out and make sure it doesn't meet your needs before you go upgrading. I would recommend the PSU no matter what down the road but that is your call.
  4. alright cool, thanks alot! I will probably be getting this
  5. If you're willing to take it apart and already see shortcomings, dude just build your own. Why invest in components that you don't want? Just build it seriously.
  6. Yea I want to.. I really want to build it myself.. but I want it to be atleast as cheap as this prebuilt one.. or close (without the OS, OS doesn't matter) I'm gonna start looking at components from scratch I guess...see what I can do.
  7. I bet I could still do better with combos.
  8. really? can you try finding one then ;)? website you can use that's Canadian so I don't have to pay duties for shipping

    pleaaaaaase try to find one for me? I'll be forever grateful :D
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