Issue with accessing hard drive in Windows 7

I had two hard drives in a Windows 7 system. One had the operating system and the other was for storage. The storage drive is a a 2 TB drive.

I am not sure what format was selected on the hard drive. If this information is needed, I can do so with guidance how to find this information.

The 2 TB has a lot of data. The drive was removed. Later the main drive with the operating was formatted, and the 2 TB drive was put back into the computer, but new Windows 7 does not recognize the drive.

I am not sure if Windows 7 updates have been run, so maybe this is a driver issue?

I tried to access the drive through Linux, and Linux showed the drive as empty. I am wondering if some weird security feature was enabled? If so, is there any easy way to get the data back? In windows 7 under devise manager, the drives shows up, but I can only see the devise name. I also tried accessing the drive in external case in a Mac Lion System, and could not get the drive to open up.

I can look for more information about the drive if told what to look for and take screenshots if that would help. I really would like to get the data off that drive.
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  1. So what happen when u look into Computer Management? Do u see the drive?
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools
  2. I was able to see information for two drives. One was the drive with the new operating system and the other the 2TB drive.

    I do not remember the exact description but with was something like sata32000542AS .... I don't remember the exactly, but I can check today or tomorrow.

    To clarify:

    1st drive was formatted and has windows 7 reinstalled.

    2nd drive was never formatted and has old data. The drive was formatted in Windows 7.
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