Can a DDR2 Motherboard support a DDR3 Graphics Card

My motherboard is ddr2 and i want to know if it can support a ddr3 graphics card

# INTEL 946GZ Express Chipset +ICH7 CHIPSET
# Intel LGA775 Core2 Duo Processors
# Supports PCI-Express X16 design
# Integrated INTEL GMA 3000
# Supports Dual Channel DDR2 667
# Integrated Serial ATA2 3Gb/s
# Integrated 10M/100M LAN
# Integrated ALC662 HD Audio CODEC with 6.0 CH
# Ready for Windows® Vista™
# Micro ATX Form Factor
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  1. oh wow,
    this question is like a downtown Baghdad.
  2. All you need is a free Pciex16 slot. The RAM of the system has nothing to do with this.
  3. Yes, the graphics card memory type is independent of the system's memory, so you are not limited by that. What you have to look at is the graphics port on your mobo (PCI Express x16 in your case) and your PSU.
    If you can provide the wattage on your psu as well as the card you are interested in, along with the specifics on the rest of your computer (i.e. cpu, ram, hdds, etc.) I can let you know whether it will work or not.
    Alternatively, you can use this link to calculate your projected consumption and compare it to your psu's wattage.
  4. CPU:Intel 2.2Ghz
    Nvidia GeForce 8500GT PCI Express 512MB DDR2
    And the graphics card im interested in is GeForce GTS 250 DDR3
  5. What's the wattage on your power supply (can be found on the sticker on the side of the unit).

    Edit: Also, what type of cpu do you have (i.e. core 2 duo, pentium dual core, celeron, etc.)?
  6. 350
  7. and the cpu core 2 duo
  8. 350W should be enough.
    Anyway, what is the brand/model of your PSU?
  9. You'll likely need a new psu then; you could probably get away with a good 400 Watt unit, though I'd recommend at least a 450 Watt unit, especially if its not the greatest quality.

    Something like this would do just fine:
  10. I really dont know but it says on the PSU Premium MODEL No.LC-B350AT (350W)
    Getting a bigger PSu isnt a problem
  11. Its made by what appears to be a Polish company called ModeCom; I've never heard of them before, so I don't know how good their parts are.
  12. I would recommend getting a more powerful psu. The one I linked above will be great for your setup.
  13. thanx, so will the GeForce GTS 250 DDR3 work on my pc if i get that psu in that link u sent me?
  14. Yes, it should work fine. Make sure you uninstall your current card before putting your new card in, and download the latest drivers when your new card is in.
    You will need a molex to PCI-E dongle, but if you're getting the card new, it should come with the card.

    Edit: Any of the PSUs Chinaski listed will work as well, but I recommend going with either the 430 W or the 450 W for future expansion.
  15. So all i have to do is uninstall my old cards driver and then just put in my new card and install its driver?
  16. Yup, its a pretty simple process.
  17. Thanx alot
  18. Anytime, that's what we're here for.
  19. what is meant by Pciex16 slot
  20. how can we know our pci-E slot
  21. just check google images
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