Xplorer X7-Xtreme S1 Notebook

Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition 3.33 GHz 12M Intel Smart Cache LGA1366
•80 GB Intel X25-M 2.5 inch SATA Gaming MLC Solid State Disk
•Intel X58 + ICH-10R Chipset Mainboard
•12GB (4GBx3) DDR3-1333 SODIMM Triple-Channel Memory
•NVIDIA Mobility GeForce GTX DDR3 Video NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M 2GB DDR3 Video

good buy or not?
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  1. Having bought a desktop-replacement gaming pc about 3 years ago, I would recommend against it. I just went back to a desktop in order to have some capability to upgrade in the future.

    * somewhat portable
    * gaming will be decent for about a year, maybe 2

    * expensive - could get an equivalent desktop for half the cost or less
    * parts cannot be upgraded - once the graphics start to slip, you will need to get a new machine, while a desktop could potentially just upgrade the graphics card
    * draws a lot of power - even with an oversized battery, you're only likely to get a couple of hours of gaming at most, unless you leave it plugged in all the time
    * leaving it plugged in all the time can kill your battery life
  2. Horrid waste of money. If you buy a $1500 laptop every year for the next 3 years, you will spend just as much and have a faster laptop in the end. If you need that much power you should really consider a desktop as you can get better performance for far less.
  3. true, I'm just doing some research on if I should get a laptop that is the most powerful one I can find I have to look around in PC's if anyone knows of a good site post some links please. I also need the power for my Adobe products etc and it's not the money is not an issue it's I'm willing to pay for what gets me the best and greatest.
  4. Look at benchmarks, the latest and greatest is also the most expensive. Take a look in the charts section and take a look at the performance difference between the i7 930 and the i7 980X and ask yourself if the performance difference justifies the large increase in price. Top of the line stuff is wayyy more expensive than it should be because they can still sell it to people like you who want the best and greatest but dont realize that the 2x price increase only gives you 15-20% more performance.
  5. Trust me that when I said above that I bought a gaming laptop, I bought the latest and greatest, and I paid almost exactly the price you have listed above. In the long run, it was not worth it.

    The laptop was decent for a year, starting to age by year two, and not worth much by year 3. Which would be the same for a desktop, except that you'll pay less, and you will be able to upgrade and spend less.

    If you feel that you must have a gaming/desktop replacement laptop, I can't stop you from spending your money on it, but it is a massive investment, and one that I wouldn't make again personally. If my job was paying for it, then I might consider it.

    I think it's more likely that you would be better off buying a gaming/workstation desktop and buying some sort of laptop and an external drive for portability...and you would likely still pay significantly less than $4.5k
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