Low 3DMark06 w/5970 Please read!

Hey guys! Please read the details before you start commenting.

I have a pretty nice set up (per signature) and when I finally got everything together, I ran 3DMark06 and got a score of ~26,250. (CPU @ 3.8, GPU @ 800/1100)

Since then, I had some artifacting, so I brought the processor clock back down to stock speeds (it was at 3.8) and have the GPU at normal clocks. I have not over-volted. Here is a picture of the artifacting that I saw using MSI's kompressor stability test:


I ran the stability test, got the artifacts, and figured it was a bad card, but to make sure, I ran 3DMark06 again. The score had dropped to ~19,500

In testing the card, I decided to switch it out with a friend who has the EXACT same system, same mobo, processor, everything. My card installed into his at all stock clocks pulled ~23,500, and his card transplanted into my system pulled the same as before, 19,500.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest drivers, using driversweeper and everything, but its not seeming to get any better. I am using the catalyst 10.4 drivers.

Whenever I run a test using CCC, I get a weird artifact in the top left. Here is an image of it:


That artifact was not there with the initial run @ 26,250. What else can I try? Should I try going to 10.3 drivers? I don't seem to be getting as good of performance in games either, otherwise I wouldn't even notice it.

If I can answer any other questions that may help you think of options, please don't hesitate to ask. I am already in debt to you guys for taking the time to read this! Thanks!!! :hello:
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  1. Have you tried using the card in another PCI-E slot? Also, is heat an issue in your case? Overheating can cause artifacts under stress (I would know, I took an ATI 9800 to 90 degrees C once, XD) and a 5970 is no joke when it comes to that.

    Maybe even a bad PSU not providing the card enough juice? You do have a pretty interesting problem there!
  2. I'll try it out later, but I don't think it will make a huge difference. The HAF is a pretty huge case, and it has lots of airflow. I've also monitored the temperatures, and it doesn't get that hot, especially running stock clocks on a single benchmark test.

    The PSU should be fine...that thing is bulletproof. Is there a way to check it, though?

    Thanks for responding.
  3. Sorry for the shameless bump. Really trying to get this figured out.
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