2x Geforce GTX 470's in Sli - Power Supply question...

I'm in the processes of building a new system and have opted for the Geforce GTX 470 with a motherboard that will support Sli. Eventually I might throw in a 2nd GTX 470.

My question is... Will my chosen power supply support 2x GTX 470's in SLI?

Checkout my POWER SUPPLY here.

Checkout BUILD here.

I think it'll be close. If not, I might return it and opt for something with a bit more kick.

Any opinions.
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  1. I would go with a 850W power supply, since you have an i7 processor, and you say you may overclock both processor and gpu's.

    I like to play it safe.
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    Kiban has a good point about playing it safe, however 850 is a bit much. You'd be perfectly fine with the 750 as 2 GTX 470's in SLi in a similar test build ( only stressed out 550-575 watts. 750 is plenty of overhead room for overclocking.


    Hope this helps!
  3. What if I didn't overclock anything. Do you think 750W would suffice?
  4. That PSU should be just fine. 4 Rails at 25A each will do you good.
  5. It is sufficient, what happens here is just up to you, like I said, I like to play it safe, and as borisof "said" I may overdo by playing it safe( coz that's the way I feel safe ¬¬).

    But yes, 750 it is sufficient in theory, but is always best to give the PSU 20% of margin.
  6. Thanks for the information guys.

    If I decide to overclock I'll go with an 850-1000W, if not I'll stick with the 750W.
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