My new build won't post...sometimes...

My new i5-750 build sometimes doesn't post...

I turn it on, my monitor/tv recognizes that there is a computer connected to it, the case LED's turn on, the fans turn on, there is a single short beep from the computer (as always), but there is no image on the screen, the keyboard/mouse are not functional, no bios screen, no post, no giant 'gigabyte' logo screen, nothing.

Sometimes I restart it and it does the same thing, but usually after that it'll post up fine. load windows 7 and work perfectly without any problems.

The computer is not oc'ed (yet).

Any ideas of why this is happening?
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  1. btw, my system specs are:
    4x2gb sticks of 1333 mhz ram @ 1.5v
    cooler master case/700w psu
    GIGABYTE GA-P55-USB3 mobo
    msi gts 250 graphics card
    i5-750 cpu
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