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I'm looking at 2 laptops by HP- one has i3-350 2.26 GHZ processor the other amd phenom II dual core N620 2.60GHz. which is the better processor.
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  1. Hello quaddesh;

    The Core i3-350 is a bit better than the Phenom II N620.

    Passmark CPU benchmarks scores:
    Phenom II N620 = 1813
    Core i3 350M = 2075

    3DMark 06 - CPU:
    Phenom II N620 = 2282
    Core i3 350M = 2369
  2. The i3 350 will be a better CPU compared to the Phenom II N620 (not by a significant margin though).. Your laptop selection should also consider the other components and pricing.. Which are the models you are looking at.?
  3. Not sure I agree that the i3 is the better processor. Take a look at this:

    They have just about every cpu out there in the mobile market. You'll see the n620 is ranked 39th and the 350m is 49th. They factor in a lot more then the two scores you mentioned.

    Also you might find another chip in that list that is attractive.
  4. runningbot said:
    They factor in a lot more then the two scores you mentioned.
    That's true. In 5 of 7 benchmarks i3-350 does better @ Notebookcheck.

    i3-350 scores better in SuperPI 1M, 3DMark06 CPU, Dhrystone, Whetstone, Cinebench R10 Rendering Multi core.
    N620 scores better in Cinebench R10 Rendering Single core and wPrime 32.

    i3-350 vs N620 --> You can click on each benchmark individually and make it sort by best performance in that category.

    And then there are the Passmark CPU scores too.
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