Weird PC behaviour fixing itself? Freezes, Drive detection errors...

Hello Tom's Hardware Community,

First off, I'm posting this in the Storage subsection because that's what I expect my problem to be related to.

So here is what happened:
I got a new MB, CPU, Ram combo because my old AM2 mobo was fried. For a couple of days everything worked fine then all of a sudden I the pc froze during a youtube clip, crashed and when during reboot said it couldn't detect any boot able devices.
So I basically couldn't go anywhere beyond BIOS. In BIOS my System HDD suddenly wasn't being detected anymore.
After a quick google search on my netbook it seemed to be the SATA controllers fault. So I did as advised and disconnected my 2nd HDD and my DVD drive. After that I was able to boot again. After maybe a day I tried reconnecting the disconnected drives and to my great surprise the PC booted without any issues.
The system ran stable until yesterday, when froze again. And kept freezing firstly right after log on then even during boot. Weird thing was I could still move the mouse cursor... It went as far as freezing during booting in safe mode.
After that I had the windows memory diagnostics tool (I think thats its name) run the whole night but it didn't detect any faults in my RAM. I had already given up when the PC suggested running the Self Repair Setup. Since this didn't work before I went to have a shower but when I returned I was surprised to see that the PC had successfully booted and even more surprised when I figured out that I was able to log on again. I'm currently typing on said PC btw...

So, what the deuce???
Is my HDD failing? (just ran chkdsk (read only), no errors)
Or is it the RAM (is it worth running memtest 86 over the windows tool?)
Or is it the Motherboard again?

Any help would be, as always, appreciated.

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  1. Is this perhaps in the wrong section?
  2. You may have a few issues going on but it sounds like a problem with your power supply, do you have another one you could connect to verify ?
  3. Well since its new and produces an unbearable coil whine anyways I'm going to have it exchanged anyways. Hopefully that will fix it.
    Strangely enough the PSU voltages don't show up in Speed Fan, but appear normal when I check them in BIOS.
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