Graphic card installed but very poor quality graphics.

hey all,
ok this is my first post.
i bought a graphics card.about a year ago. ASUS EAH2600 Series.worked perfectly fine,untill i changed my hard disk , put a new 1TB n installed windows on it n stuff.n installed the graphics again.but this time, ma graphic is extremely videos n gaminf has gone down big time.i even reinstalled it.dont knw what the problem is.plz help.
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  1. Sounds like it is more than likely a driver issue, did you install different drivers for your card when you installed the fresh copy of windows on your hard drive?
  2. EDIT: You should try updating your drivers. Did your O/S change? (Ex: XP to Vista, etc)

    Also, was your hard drive the only thing that changed? Are the games that you're playing still the same? At the same settings? These may seem like silly questions but they are important.
  3. hey thanks for considering.
    but no.i installed the same old drivers.
  4. well,all i have changed is my hard disk and nothing else.i bought the HD partitioned it ,installed windows xp on it, (just like before) and then installed all my drivers.right now dont have any games on the HD , but as i can see by playin videos on ma WMP and on youtube , the quality has gone down to no if i were never has a graphics card.
  5. That's pretty weird...

    Do you have more than one PCI-E slot? Could try putting it in another slot. It could be getting under powered (assuming a strange coincidental PSU failure) but I doubt it. Have you checked the temps on your GPU? Maybe the cooling stopped working properly.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.
  6. well,my other slut is using a sound card which has always been there....and on the other slot i have my LAN card.but nywyas ill change places n see the result and let u knw.thank you anyways.
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