How to remove drivers?

I bought a graphic card a few weeks ago then returned it to the store, but not before installing it and the drivers for it.

I would like to remove those drivers from my PC now but I don't know how and I don't want to #@%? my PC again.

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  1. Download Driver Sweeper, uninstall drivers via control panel, restart, boot into safe mode, run driver sweeper, restart.
  2. In my add/remove programs there's only one line for NVIDIA drivers so I need to uninstall all drivers(including the one for my current card) or is there a way to remove only the useless ones?
  3. You uninstall all drivers. Windows will use generic ones.
  4. Oh stop shadow187, if the hardware isn't detected, then the driver won't be used... Yeah Driver Sweeper, what a load of cow pie...
  5. So you're saying it's safe to install two sets of drivers? By all means then, be my guest.
  6. In my add/remove programs I've got those:

    -NVIDIA PhysX 73.63 MB
    -NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager 17.00 MB
    -NVIDIA Drivers 1 501.00 MB

    I tried twice to unistall the NVIDIA Drivers and both time I lose my internet connection and need to do a system restore.
    I'm guessing even if it's called NVIDIA Drivers, it's not only for the graphic card drivers?
  7. You wouldn't happen to have an nForce MOBO, would you?
  8. I had no idea so I just checked with SIW and yes, I do have a nforce mobo.

    So, I guess I can't remove only the graphic card drivers or would removing the other 2 NVIDIA things works?
  9. Go to drivesweeper while in safe mode then place check mark in Nvidia Display and Nvidia Physx then analyze or clean. Don't remove Nvidia chipset that will cause your system issues unless nvidia has release new software for chipset.
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