Is it worth it to overclock at the risk of your pc?

I’m getting a new i7 930 today and i have little knowledge of overclocking especially when it comes to the voltage I’ve tried it many times before on my older core 2 duo 3.2 ghz and got it up to around 4 then it would crash after that I’m assuming because i didn’t up the voltage any so time and time again i hade to reset the bios by unplugging the battery on the motherboard because most new boards don’t have jumpers so I’m wondering if i could get some help with overclocking if it’s worth it to risk what do u think?
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  1. As long as you dont up the voltage much, and have a good cooler the risk is pretty minor. Your previous system might not have been able to hit 4GHz but probably would have been stable if you had gone for 3.8GHz.
  2. First thing, run it at stock. If it's fast enough then there is not reason to OC it unless you just want to for the enjoyment of doing it.

    Second check this out:

    The 930 is a slightly higher clocked 920 so everything in that guide should be relevant.
  3. i agree with runningbot i dont have my motherboard yet so i dont know btw i picked it up aobut 2 hours ago cant use it because i have no memor or MB
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