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Hey, I just got this graphics card for my PC. I'm upgrading from a 9500GT (yeah, I know). So when I put it in, I plugged in the PCI power cable, plugged in the monitor, and turned it on. The PC turned on, but nothing happened on the display. I replaced it with the 9500GT, and it displayed as normal. I uninstalled all of the drivers and installed the ATI drivers and the CCC, and it still wouldn't display anything. So I'm currently using my 9500GT to type this. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've seen it with a couple of other people, but they didn't come to any discernible conclusion. Thanks!
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  1. Is the fan spinning? It might be a dead card...
  2. Yeah, it spins and the BIOS posts, it just doesn't display.
  3. Never mind, I have to use HDMI (I'll RMA eventually so I can use DVI) but this will work for now.
  4. Whats the resolution of your monitor?

    I ask because I have several 1900x1200 24" monitors and if I use a single DVI cable some of the monitors will not display. I switched them to dual-DVI and everything comes up.

    It seems 1900x1200 is right on the edge for single DVI connectivity...
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