Sapphire 5750 Toms Pick for Home Theater


Where's the input port to record your Hi Def to the PC? I look in the manual and all I see are output ports.

Thank you!
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    Sounds like you need a video capture card. Most video cards do not have tv in, just tv out. Good for watching blu ray and DVD, but not capable of retreiving OTA programming or cable tv.
    I recommend a dual tuner card that can handle ota programming and cable.
  2. Buzznut is correct. Your graphics card can't record TV. What type of TV signal are you trying to record? Cable, Satellite, OTA, etc...? Here's a very nice dual tuner TV tuner card:
  3. I'll be recording Hi Def via Satellite. My TV is a 120hz Sony. I would like to maintain as much quality as possible. Thank you for your help.

    P.S. Sorry about the double posting. I first registered last night and my question was displayed. When I first looked for my original posting today, I couldn't find it.
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