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High Pitch Sound Through USB Headphones While Surfing Web and Apps

Last response: in Components
August 26, 2010 9:07:23 PM

Subject pretty much explains whats happening. I havent installed any new hardware. This started about a week ago. The high pitch noise is pretty faint, but changes as I surf the web. I can say when I hit any menu on the screen that either contracts or expands, the pitch changes tone.

I have the onboard sound disabled, no sound card installed, and I'm using the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Arena USB headset.
August 26, 2010 9:15:33 PM

Its called interference. Something is messing with your signal between the PC and your head. My guess is that your headphones aren't shielded. I would go out on a limb and say that you can probably hear it rev up with extreme cpu usage too.

Try a different set and see if you get the noise. Also, try some external speakers and see if they make the "buzz" too
August 26, 2010 9:43:20 PM

Like kbentley57 said it's a form of interference or feedback on that circuit. Have you tried simply plugging them into a different USB port? I found on a logitech usb head set plugging it into the front usb port on my case removed the interference.
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August 29, 2010 3:05:32 AM

I've tried plugging into a different USB port, I get the same noise. When I first start the pc, I dont hear the noise. But if I turn on a voip services like ventrilo or team speak 3, I start to hear it. Heard it also while playing COD4. The noise is directly influenced by whats on the screen. If I scroll the mouse up, the pitch changes. If I move the page with the keyboard arrow keys, the pitch changes.

Could it be the power supply? Since I dont operate off onboard or a sound care.. Would getting a good sound card help? I was thinking like Sound Blaster Titanium, and buying a new headset.
May 16, 2012 10:44:06 PM

Try to power your computer in the other part of your house. I was having the same problem cause the old instalations in house. Now when i changed my room, everything is ok again!