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Hello, I have a dell 8400 with 3.2 pent 4 processor. What is the best graphics card for a gamer who does not want to update the processor or entire computer. I currently have a radeon 8500.
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  1. I need to know how much you're willing to spend, and how many watts your PSU can supply.
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    Heres a $57 XFX Radeon 4650, a very significant upgrade from your old 8500.
    If you're willing to spend more or less, again just let me know. Usually dells come with either 400-500 watt PSUs, so You are okay as the minimum is 400watts for this card:
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  4. Thank you, I purchased the Radeon 4650 and installed it the other day. Success....both bioshock and farcry2 work well...after some tweeking. Thanks again.
  5. Well, you're very welcome Im glad you like the choice. Have fun!
  6. ninelivesproductions said:
    Usually dells come with either 400-500 watt PSUs,

    That would be higher end Dell's, the OP's D8400 came with a 350 watt / 28 amp psu w/ pcie power connector, still more than enough for a 4650.
  7. Installed and working well. Thanks.
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