$2500 gaming PC build critique

Hello all,

Here's a build I'm thinking of, this will be my first homebuilt computer, so if anyone has any suggestions/corrections/etc., I'd love to hear them!


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming(MMO, RTS, FPS, RPG). Generic web browsing. Perhaps some multithreaded math (integer not flops) programming for fun.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, re-using a WD Caviar SE 320GB Sata II drive for extra storage.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: I've been going with newegg, but that's just out of inertia COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: USA


The first three (italized) are the parts I am most unsure about
Motherboard: Asus P6X58D-E motherboard (i've also thought about a gigabyte UD3R Very unsure here)
Memory: Mushkin 6GB DDR3 1600 Enhanced Blackline
Cooling: Nexus XiR 3500 (Very unsure here, chose based on Tom's charts)
Case: Antec 1200 case (seems to be highly rated, and see the PSU below)
CPU: Intel I7-930
GPU: ATI 5970
SSD: Intel X25-M 160GB (I don't like loading screens)
PSU: Antec CP-850 (based on the JohnnyGuru Review)
Optical Drive: I'll find something, not worrying about it at the moment, unless there's a revelation out there.

OVERCLOCKING: Yes (but a first timer) SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No, unless it makes sense relative to a 5970


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  1. Nice build, go with a Zalman or Coolermaster CPU cooler, they have some good products. Your motherboard has TurboV, good for a newcomer to OC. If you are doing any major OC I would go with a CP-1000 it also gives you lots of room for upgrade. (soundcard, if you have a lot of USB devices, some HDDs, ect..) Pick a storage drive, 160GB is not enough for all your storage, I would go with a 1TB storage drive and use the SDD for your OS and Games hope this helps :D Get this cpu cooler, its new and good :)
  2. I would make a small change. Get a HX PSU rather than a TX. Modular PSU's are tidier, allow for cooler cases (less cables to obstruct airflow) and are every bit as efficient as non-modular ones.

    Getting more watts then needed isn't going to help a bit. Getting a modular PSU will help a little bit. Easy choice if you ask me.
  3. Thanks for the many suggestions, questions/comments below:

    * A few people mentioned a storage disk, I hid it in the parts not required section, but I am reusing an older disk. Also, I didn't mentioned that I have a file server with >1 TB of storage for multimedia/documents/source code/etc. So my storage requirements are small here.

    * mrhoshos96 suggested the new Crucial C300 SATA III drive. But I've read some mediocre reviews of that, including from Tom's. The Tom's review mentioned possible firmware issues, has better information come out? I thought the X-25M was pretty well regarded as top notch.

    * Power supply size:
    I haven't done the formal exercise, which I probably should have done before posting, so here's my attempt:
    Motherboard + i970 +6 GB =~ 250 W

    5970 =~ 400 W

    Intel X-25M =~ almost nothing

    I couldn't find my exact old drive, but various googling suggests 10W is reasonable.

    USB 2.0 devices draw max 2.5 VA and USB 3.0 draws max 4.8VA [Numbers from Wikipedia]

    Optical Drives look like at use they are maybe 5W, and if we added a sound care, another 5 (rounding up).

    Say I was using 2 USB 3.0 and 5 USB 2.0 (to go to max load), adding this up we get around 700W.

    I think 850W should be comfortable. Obviously I can't add another 5970, but that's crazy power anyway.

    That said I think I'm going to take Silmarunya's suggestion and go with the HX850

    * As far as the case goes, this is the 1200 which I thought was more or less equivalent to the 932. I think if I'm not going with the CP-850, there could be an argument made for the 932, from what I've read, just as a better case (esp: drive installation)

    * I'll go with the redline memory as mrhoshos96 suggests, I doubt I'll notice the timing differences at my experience level, right?

    * Since a few people recommend it, I'll go with the Zalman CNPS10X

    Thanks again for all the help!
  4. *yeah that c300 does have some problems with firmware get the intel ssd you mentioned earlier
    *get the hx 850
    *get the haf x it's much much better than the 1200 much more roomy much more airflow
    *don't get that cnps10x get the megahalms with 2 s-flex fans it's the best cooler for the lga 1336
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