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how many ati card can i crossfire together?i heard that 4 is max but some mobo has 6 port for card and if 4 is max so why that mobo has 6 port?mobo like gigabyte 890fx ud-7
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  1. 4 is the maximum, but 6 slots are so users can configure the cards spacing differently. So for example if you only had 2, you could put them far enough apart that they could be sufficiently cooled.
  2. what?for this they do that?they can put 4 solt as far as 6 you said that the diffrence in price of 6solt and 4solt is for distance between the solts?
  3. CF 6 cards will be a stupid thing to do, it will lose VERY MUCH performance...
    Well, that's just me...
  4. ^ I think drivers limit the max amount of cards on CFX to be four, but Windows 7's apparent limit is five. Anyway, for example you have a motherboard with six slots.
    If you put one card in the first slot, and one card in the third, there will be a gap between them, which will help with airflow. Also, six slots is only enough for three way CrossFireX or SLI most of the time, as you have to remember that most cards are dual-slot, and by taking up two slots, you will only be able to fit three graphic cards in.
  5. you said that the gap between them is for cooling.i said they can put 4 solt as far as 6 solt so the gap between them is like 6 solt and it has same result for cooling.6solt is more expensive than 4 i think that cooling is not main reason for that
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