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Thermaltake Armor A90 and a Sapphire 5770


This is my first time on these forums and I have a question.

I have purchased a Thermaltake Armor A90 from my local Fry's and I am glancing through the manual. It says not to install a Graphics card of more than 10.2 inches (or 260 mm). I was told that the Sapphire 5770 was 10.5 inches! Will it be a problem?

I never had to worry about this in a case before, as all the old VGA cards were tiny compared to nowadays.

Thank you,
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  1. most ATI 5770 are 9-9.5 tops, double check that size
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    Sapphire's own website is useless and doesn't specify card dimensions.
    I would suggest you go to a store and take a tape measure with you,
    Cuz i just googled Sapphire 5770 vapor x and got results on dimensions varying from 8.5"- 10.5".
    Like ct1615 says i can't see the majority of 5770's being longer then 9.5".
    I just checked the XFX site and every 5770 they make which is quite a few are all 8.5" long.
    So add another 3/4" for power connects.
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