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I have a Sony Bravia 32' LCD TV. I have been using it with a nVidia GTX285 OC by BFG. It's a great card but I was having conflict issues with a rFactor. However, I now have a ATi 5830 HD by HIS. Very nice card but I'm having display setting issues.

When using my GTX285, I could only use 1360x768 @ 60Hz. This was fine for me because it's the best this Sony could support. The display was still crisp (text).

I understand that this Sony is limited and I'm fine with that, however, when I put the 5830 in with a setting of 1360x768 @ 60Hz, it's not the same. I don't understand why that is? The text are blurry and not crispy as before. I've been trying to do my homework and I'm feeling nauseated after only an hour. Something is not right with this setup. And I don't understand why the setting is not the same or how to fix this. I had to lower the resolution to 1024x768 just so I don't feel sick anymore.

My other question is, in HDMI mode everything looks worse, I thought HDMI was suppose to be better? When I hook my PS3 up with HDMI everything looks perfect. But when I hook up with HDMI, it looks horrible. Isn't HDMI, HDMI? Am I don't coming wrong? And why does the HDMI settings only have 30hz refresh??? That is like looking at a CRT from 1985.

I want to keep the card but if I can't get the settings that I want, i'm going to send it back. The 5830 should be able to do this...
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  1. Sorry guys, I didn't see that this is in a nother topic, no need to post if you don't feel the need.

    Sorry again will read more next time
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