P67 or H67 for budget build

I am building a pc for a non-overclocking, $600, budget build for my friend's family, maybe some gaming, mostly regular day to day use...

I have decided on buying sandybridge for them (either the i3 2100, or the i5 2300-2500 depending on price spread)

What I do not know is the motherboard I should purchase for them at a budget price. Would H67 and P67 pretty much have the same performance for regular use?

for example off of or (preferred) which motherboard at a budget price would you recommend me to buy for them?
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    Maybe save even more money and go with H61. On this page there is a table with chipset comparison
    The H61 should be good for all day to day computing, Gaming performance would come from GPU installed.
  2. thank you, that is exactly the answer I was looking for,
    I will probably get H61 for him then, he would have no idea what any of the features added onto H67/P67 boards are anyways,
    just wants a cheap, reliable, fast computer
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