SATA HDD Not Showing in MY Computer

I have a 1TB NAS for backup. But unfortunately the disk got filled up unknowingly. Now I have removed it from the enclosure and connected to my PC.

From Disk management is showing and healthy but I cannot view or access it from my Computer.

What can I do?
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  1. If this drive was setup as a RAID array within the NAS, then your computer won't be able to read it since it doesn't contain the necessary raid controller.

    I fail to see how a drive being full has anything to do with windows not seeing the drive. Put the drive back in the NAS. You probably just need to remap the network drive for it to show back up in my computer.
  2. NAS boxes are often based on an embedded Linux OS. Your drive may have been partitioned with Linux volumes which of course Windows won't recognise.

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