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Ok story time.

So 3 years ago I built myself a computer, mostly for gaming. It worked great, minor problems here and there, but nothing I couldn't fix. College comes around, and I had to leave it at home. (only for a lack of space) School ends, and when I come home and fire it up for the first time in 6 months, the fan on the heat sink starts off at a normal speed and then revs up to almost double of what it should be. I'm not sure in terms of RPM it is, but I can tell it is significantly faster just from the noise. It always revs up whenever I turn it on, even after I let it cool down. This had not occurred in the 3 years I had it.

Now when I built my computer I was on a very tight budget, so its only using the stock heat sink/fan. I feel like this could be a serious issue as the processor may not be getting cooled properly, and I don't want my processor to mushroom cloud on me. Any ideas on what the problem maybe?

Is the thermal grease coming loose and therefore not cooling the processor properly, or could the 6 months of sitting caused a problem?

and second is there any solution that doesn't require me buying 3/4 of a new computer just to get to work properly?

Im running Windows XP on an AMD X2 6000+
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  1. Have a look inside and clear out the dust... that should do the trick.
  2. hmm... it didnt seem too dusty when I checked inside, but ill take the air compressor to it today and see how that works.
  3. Careful with an air compressor. Alot of them build up a static charge that can fry your components.

    If you have any thermal paste in a tube somewhere, take off your HSF and investigate it yourself.

    The fact you can recognize an increase in RPM, and how that coralates to an increase in heat, also the fact that you know what thermal paste is; tells me that you are savvy enough to dive a little deeper.

    All you've really given us is the information to decided it's most likely a heat issue which you already knew. Open her up, get some more information :)
  4. See I was hoping to avoid having to take off the heat sink. Yeah I can do it, but since I'm only running on the stock heat sink a good part of me will say, "well since you have come this far, might as well upgrade since you wanted to originally." Right now the bank is a little tight, and its soon getting to the point of thinking about upgrades since I havent done any in the 3 years, which may or may not include a new processor.
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