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Touched cpu

Installing the cpu to the mobo I touched the top of cpu (i see the finger print) should i clean it and if so with what should i clean it.
I might be over blowing it but this is my first time and i really don,t want buy a new cpu .
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  1. Did you touch the CPU prior to installing the cooler or afterward?
  2. runningbot said:
    Did you touch the CPU prior to installing the cooler or afterward?

    I havn't put the cooler on yet
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    Isopropyl alcohol and a piece of coffee filter or lintfree clothe like an old cotton T-shirt.
  4. then you have a problem.

    You've likely "smudged" the thermal grease. In which case I'd advise you starting over.

    Buy a cleaning kit:

    I've used that several times and have been happy with the results. Just follow the instructions and it's easy. In the end you'll have a factory clean surface ready for new thermal grease!

    Next you'll need some new thermal grease. Used this on 4 CPUs and it's been outstanding.

    After you've removed all the old grease and cleansed the cpu surface you'll want to apply the new grease.

    1. Place 1 to 2 drops (it comes out like a poop, think small turds) on the cpu.
    2. Use a Credit Card or Drivers License and spread the grease as thin as possible over the entire cpu plate. You want to go as thin as you can manage. The less grease the better. However if you can't cover and area squeeze out a tiny grease poop and then shave the excess off with the credit card. Less = More.

    Your all set. Install the cooler normally.

    If your getting CPU temps at idle over 45C something is wrong, likely there wasn't a good seal between the cooler plate and the cpu. If this happens just shut down and repeat the above steps and try to use less thermal grease.
  5. It's factory fan the thermal is on heatsink right not cpu ?
  6. I'm not sure what you mean. When you buy a CPU you get A. the chip, and B. the cooler. If your asking what to apply the thermal grease to then it's the chip, the side without the pins obviously.
    1. clean the gray stuff (that shows your finger print) off of the smooth (non-pin side) of the chip.
    2. install the chip in your motherboard.
    3. apply the new thermal grease to the chip
    4. place the cooler on top of the chip and install it.

    Does that answer your question?
  7. I am sorry I'm making this so hard. Let me explain i was told and read that on new install (which I neglected to state) the the factory cooler has thermal paste on it and does not require more. I have not touched the cooler yet.
  8. Ok is there gray goo on the cooler or the cpu? If it's on the cooler and not on the cpu and all you did was leave a finger print (human oil) on the cpu then a quick wipe with a coffee filter or a nylon cloth will solve your problem. If however there is gray goo on the cpu with a fingerprint you'll want to remove that and start with a fresh application.
  9. Ok thanks no grey goo on cpu I could read the numbers
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