Patriot Viper Extreme CL8 2x4GB

I am putting my system together, and looking for good deals.

My current plan is a 2500k with a P8P67 Deluxe (sorry, obsessed with USB 3.0 in front as well as in back).

I'm still waiting for the "next gen" SSD prices to come out before I decide on an SSD.

So, my question is:

This set of RAM from newegg seems like a steal, but I've never used Patriot, and I'm wondering if the heat dissipators are going to get in the way of a Hyper 212+ cooler, if I toss a second fan on.

So my questions are:

-Will this run at 1.6v or so, to decrease the voltage difference between CPU and RAM? Or should I really be caring about this if I'm going to be OC my 2500k to 4.2Ghz anyways?
-Will it block a Hyper 212+?
-Is this a pretty good deal?
-Will I be able to run it at 7-8-7-21 or so?
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  1. I recommend the P8P67 Deluxe so I'm cool with it!

    Ehh Patriot! Also, I don't recommend loose CAS RAM, tight-low is a better performer 8-8-8; ditto with the Ripjaws X 1600 7-8-7-24 or 6-8-6-24. Get Ripjaws X perferably 1600 CAS 8/9 and if possible the:
    $129 2X4GB 1600 CAS 8
    $55 2X2GB 1600 CAS 8

    Nice Article ->

    CPU Fan:
    $43 Scythe SCMG-2100
  2. The Scythe is a nice cooler, but it's the size of a city block, which seems like it would block the first RAM slot.

    That Gskill RAM is spendy! Is it worth the extra $40?
  3. It's the size of a cubed 120mm fan, and it's 6C cooler than the 212+ for the same $. Currently, I only recommend what I deem to be both the best and least problematic so P67 G.SKILL; the SB CPU prefers 1.50v DDR3. BTW - I'm a Corsair fanboy... Worth the extra $40, please post a links for me to compare; I don't want to say yes to a guess. Here's it installed:

    Nice build article ->,2876.html

    :o Look at this wind tunnel Noctua NH-D14 especially w/3 fans.
  4. Linkerino:

    Can you put a second fan on that Scythe?

    Damn, that set up looks sexy.
  5. So, if you're a Corsair fanboy, do you have the 600T?
  6. Yep, you can easily push/pull the Scythe SCMG-2100. Yeah it's a looker!

    RAM, yep the SB CPU prefers 1.50v DDR3, the SB IMC is more efficient and the 1.65v DDR3 is an extra stress on the CPU so I'd stick with the G.SKILL 1.50v. Also, the tight CAS timing are better - indicates a better quality IC.

    I build mainly off the 800D, and Tecmo34 just rebuilt an X58 off the 650D, $155 600T vs $235 650D $80 is your RAM... Linus did a nice video with an AMD build using the 600T -

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