No Power Reaction on New Build

So I'm upgrading a computer for my mother, by putting in a new motherboard with integrated graphics and ddr2 ram.

This is the motherboard:

I plugged in all of the cables, and I don't think I missed anything. All of the PSU cables are plugged in and I believe that I plugged all of the power switch cables into the right places according to the diagram on the instruction manual.

When I press power absolutely nothing happens. What's going on? There's no reaction, the power supply doesn't turn on.. NOTHING. It's as if it wasn't plugged in. The power supply works and the motherboard should..

At first I thought it was the new motherboard, so I replaced it and it did the same thing. Then I thought it was the power supply, so I bought a new BFG 550watt, same thing.

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  1. seems like I've done all these steps correctly.
  2. ^ Did you try breadboarding ?? I would suggest that you go through those steps again one-by-one without skipping any of it...
  3. I can't see anything in this list that seems like it would be the problem.
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