I7 950 worth getting now?


I'm in the middle of building a computer and I got most of the items and just heard about the i7 price drop. Is it worth returning my unopened i7 930 CPU and purchase a 950 when it drops down sometime next month? Amazon's Price Gaurantee policy would just refund the money when the price drops within the next 30 days.

Parts I got so far:

i7 930 CPU (Item in question)

Corsair H70 Cooler

evga x58 ftw3 motherboard

Corsair Dominator 6gb RAM

x2 evga 480 gtx superclocked +

ocz vertex 2 120gb ssd

caviar black 1tb hd

x3 Acer 3d monitors

I plan to overclock the processor so does it make a difference on which one to get?
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  1. not really, the h70 will keep the temps down nicely.

    i have my i7 920 at 3.8ghz (181*21), to get to 4ghz, I needed to push the voltages from 1.21 to 1.34, so I didn't think it was necessary.

    but yeah, i7s are beastly overclockers
  2. which reminds me... i need to change my sig.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Are you 100% sure that i7 950 will have a price drop ? i don't think its price will drop to something like i7 930.
    And overall the difference between 950 and 930 is only 200MHz(300MHz with turbo),which isn't worth the extra cash, you can always OC your 930 to reach 950's speeds and beyond easily.
  4. According to http://www.igniq.com/2010/08/23/intel-i7-massive-price-cuts

    i7 950 will drop to $274, which sounds pretty decent. But is it worth the hassle of returning my 930 and getting this one? Keep in mind the 930 will probably drop down to the 920's price range but I already spent a lot on this build and I don't want to skimp out.

    Speaking of skimping out, this is what I chose for a PSU, I haven't ordered it yet but I wonder if it's a good one:
    Thermaltake TR2 1200W ATX 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply TRX-1200M
  5. Like i said, you can easily OC the 930 and reach 950 speeds or higher,because its a good OC'er, Being only 200MHz faster isn't worth the wait IMO.
  6. Mate, if i was you i would just return it. It will be at the back of your mind for the next 2/3 years that "i could have had...". whats a couple of weeks and a few days of waiting around to get the system you REALLY want. Overclocking is all nice but would you really need to bother when you have an i950? you'll spend hours/days with your i7 930 overclocking it so its like a 950. in the long run just send it back and get the better processor and be happy with your purchase for the next year years.
  7. Even though I have 0 experience with overclocking, I am hoping to overclock the 950 to 4.0.. Is it an easy task? Anyone can provide me with a guide?
  8. I'm inclined to agree with gordonaus on this one. Kicking oneself in the butt for months over not getting what you really wanted doesn't seem like a good idea.
  9. Its official $294 for the i7 950. You cant go wrong with that!


    I bet your i7 930 system you ordered will be cheaper in a few days.
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