PC build noob in need of memory advice!!ya rly

hey folks,

my first post! ^.^
ive been slowly building a "gaming" rig for some time now (due to lack of money mainly..). i am looking to get the final piece bought and installed , ive read a few reviews and it seems to vary a LOT, i just need some help in getting some clarity on the matter. im looking to get the "best" memory set i can for my rig. i'd like to say theres no budget but from what ive seen sky's the limit so i'd say under £100?(id maybe squeeze another £20 Q.Q). i havent considered OC because its something i have never done before but i am willing to explore and give it a try. i have listed the specs of my PC below

many thanks for taking your time to read this post and will appreciate any feedback.

cpu: AMD phenom II x6 1090t
motherboard: Asus Crosshair Formula IV
cpu cooling: Zalman CNPS9900A (if at all relevant to my query)
gpu: XFX 1gb 5850
Windows 7 64
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  1. For gaming you can get 2x2GB DDR3
    Set the RAM voltage in BIOS to 1.6V after you install them.
  2. cool. whilst i was checkin up on your link there ..i found gskill ripjaws 1333 and 1600oc @ 8gb for under £100 .. i mean is that better/compatible? cuz they seem to be a good deal for 8gb in comparison to 4gb.do i just get 2 sets of what u recommended? i wanna make the most of the budget../headexplode


    god bless google..
  3. why do you buy it piece by piece? what happens if your cpu, motherboard, ram or power supply is defective? would you be able to return it?
  4. only waiting on mobo and cpu should be in my possession in the next day or two . all other main components are currently in another rig and all works fine ^^
  5. nice rig ! now where is the case and psu? pick a 750w 80 certified for future crossfire if you plan to do so. ;)
  6. thx man ive gone for a HAF 922 and gx 550w psu im not planning on crossfiring (yet)
  7. ive managed to narrow it down a bit but what do u guys reckon

    i mean they are not on the mobo QVL list but many people have said they do work on my mobo




    ive made up my mind at least that i want 8gb (2x4) and in OCing it a lil bit . but in regards to the two ive posted above is cl7 against cl9 really gonna make a difference in gaming? cost is trivial but im not gonna burn money if not gonna make an improvement
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