SandForce Series 5 Firmware TRIM Issue Fixed

Previously TweakTown published an investigative report about LSI/SandForce 5 Series Firmware issues that were first discovered in SanDisk Extreme solid state drives. Apparently solid state drives with the firmware do not recognize TRIM commands and ssd performance deteriorates.

Earlier today TweakTown published another article indicating the TRIM issue has been fixed. The article included a review of a SanDisk Extreme ssd with a firmware update. Here's the link to the article and review:

NOTA BENE: TweakTown did not specifically mention any other brand names but I got the impression the problem applied to other SandForce based ssd's using the same Series 5 firmware.
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  1. Has anyone ran across any information indicating there are other brands with the same LSI/SandForce Series 5 firmware? I figured there would be an answer by now.

    EDIT - Just received a very fast response from the author of the articles:

    Every (SandForce) brand has the same issue as long as the drive uses 5.0.1 or
    5.0.2 firmware. Kingston just released 5.0.3 to the public, they were the first
    company to do so. Other companies will have the fixed firmware available soon.
    Some are waiting on 5.0.4 which fixes a WHQL issue. I just got 5.0.4 today to
    play with, it should come out of beta soon. When that hits everyone will be past
    the TRIM issue.

    Best Regards,

    Chris Ramseyer
    Storage Product and PSU Editor
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd
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