Which is better 9800gt 512mb gddr3 or hd3870 512mb gddr4

which is faster
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  1. 9800GT
    The 3870 is more in line with the 9600GT. The DDR4 will give it a lil boost and if the 9800GT is one of the low power cards at 550mhz then they will be even closer but still the 9800GT should be at least a bit better.
  2. ^+1, the HD 3870 IIRC performs slightly worse than an 8800 GT, which are pretty much just 65nm 9800 GTs, and thus the 9800 GT would be better.
  3. 9800GT definitely. HD 3870~9600GT
  4. 3870 ~ 88/9800GT. I think its going to depend on the clocks. If the GDDR4 version has higher core clocks, or you are looking at a green GT version that the 3870 will be faster. Another thing to note is that the 3870 doesn't handle AA well at all. It doesn't matter what card/clocks you're looking at. Once you turn AA on the GT will be faster.
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