Setting hdd as primary

I have set up a new system, ssd as the boot and hdd as data disk.
Would there be anyway for the program files or data files to go straight to the hdd?
I do it manually when i install programs but i thought there might be a easier way?

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  1. yes, you can set it up so your program files folder is not on your C

    if you read the STICKY's in this forum you will have found the link to it...

  2. i could not find it mind if you provide the link?
  3. This link to "NTFS symbolic links" on Wikipedia may also prove useful.
  4. That's another way, yes. From personal experience, changing that path in the registry had unexpected consequences and instability. Symbolic links work by showing a regular path, but one of the folders in that path is actually on a different drive. Glad you could find a solution that works for you, though.
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