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Welcome back to my ongoing struggle with a Dell XPS 8100 and trying to get it gaming level. First off, in my defense against the "You should have built your own" argument, this PC was a semi gift from my father. Semi as in, I have to pay a portion of it back to all it even. Either way, I would like to get this thing up and running 100 percent and at this very moment, I have the funds to do so.

I have been eyeing the HD 5770 card for some time now. It fits my budget perfectly, fits my case, and looks to be a decent gaming card. Not hardcore, but not garbage either. In order to use this card, I would need to upgrade my PSU. I have heard of users with the same PC as I who have stuck with the stock PSU and upgraded their cards, I don't want to do that. Took much risk in my opinion.

So I need a HD 5770 and a new PSU and Newegg has opened the heavens and let down this sweet combo deal.

A Sapphire Vapor X 5770,, the card that I wanted from the get go since i hear it's very quiet and keeps cool under stress. And a...well, it's a trusted brand PSU, don't know about all the bells and whistles on that thing. However it does have 550w of power and about 50a on the 12v rails. To my knowledge, thats more than enough for the 5770.

My issue with this upgrading stuff, is making it fit. I can pretty much confirm though videos, pictures and tape measure that the 5770 card will fit but the PSU is a different story. I have no experience in buying PSUs, however I took my old PC apart yesterday to get the feel of what it will be like installing this PSU to my new PC. It's actually very easy, but I'm somewhat nervous about the dimensions.

Are PSUs like these universal or something? The cables seem to meet my needs but will it fit? I have contacted Dell support but they are hellbent on getting me to use this instead:

It sounds... iffy. I guess they don't want to taking the PSU out but installing that thing is okay >_> The PSU combo is cheaper than buying the booster and 5770 and would be more reliable....

The PSU / GPU combo is already in my shopping I take then plunge?
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  1. Well just look at your current PSU. If it is the same general shape/size as the one you are looking at then you are good to go. Dell does use some unique shaped PSUs but generally in the slim cases and it should be fairly obvious from looking at it that it isn't a standard form factor PSU.
  2. The screws are in the same spots and it looks generally the same size. I, honestly cannot take this anymore and will be ordering within the minute XD
  3. Proprietary? What does that mean exactly? I have seen the same Dell I have with upgraded power supplies on vids and pics across the net. Is there something they know that I don't?

    I already ordered it'll only be a matter of time before I can seriously game.
  4. Proprietary would mean they purposely make the power connector nonstandard so you have to come to them for a PSU. I haven't heard that about any Dells though.
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