Cpu bottleneck?

Have a e6700 OC @3.0, 2gb ram, evga 780i MB, win 32 vista, 8800gt.
Looking to upgrade to 460 gtx 1gb vid card. Wondering if the cpu will bottleneck this card. Would hate to waste gpu power but really don't want to upgrade at this time unless its really needed. Thanks for any advice.
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  1. I doubt there'd be much of a bottleneck if at all. The Athlon II X2 240 is bottlenecks a GTX 260 slightly, and the GTX 460 performs a bit faster than a GTX 275. The E6700 @ 3.0 GHz is a bit faster than the Athlon II X2 240 so I wouldn't see much of a bottleneck.
  2. What resolution do you play at ?
  3. Maziar said:
    What resolution do you play at ?

  4. If you plan on upgrading the rest of your system later on it wouldn't hurt to get a decent graphics card now that you can use later.
  5. frostx1 said:

    For your resolution,your CPU won't bottleneck your VGA in almost all games(Except for the few titles which benefit from quad cores like World in conflict etc.)
  6. If you define bottleneck as unbalanced system such as your CPU performing at 100% yet only forcing your GPU to give 60-70% of it's capacity, I'll say you have a bottleneck.

    Not sure if your mobo supports the new Pentium Wolfdales but a faily cheap CPU like the E6700 Pentium Wolfdale ($99) which runs OC'd at 4 Ghz without breaking a sweat will pretty much push out all of what your next GPU 460GTX can deliver. You can use the Futuremark benchmarks and your own games to prove it.
  7. if you may going to upgrade your GPU you may buy good after market cooler then overclock your cpu to 3.8 or 3.6
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