OK to flip the bit on my external enclosure HDD? (Netbook access)


I have tried everything to get my Aspire One 722 netbook to boot from my HDD enclosure (USB 3.0/2.0/Esata - 3.5" 400Gb Sata.) The netbook boots fine from 2.0 flash drives, and there are no problems with the external HDD in Windows 7x64. It also boots fine on all my other PC's. Cables make no difference.

Last, the symptoms are exactly the same in my friend's Aspire One D260, which is an Intel, whereas mine is an AMD (so mobo, cpu, and memory are ruled out.) Also updated to latest Bios of course.

I have tried reformatting the HDD in every possible way, with every piece of software.

Would flipping the bit to make it removable be a huge risk? Would it be worth a shot?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Only if the manufacturer supplied a utility to perform this operation. without manufacturer support, this is risky.
  2. So no Bootit then?

    It's a Seagate barracuda 400Gb 7200 3.5". I'll look up the model if you need it.

    ....Wait: It's an ST3400832AS. Enclosure is Rosewill RX-358 U3C connected via USB 2.0 for netbook. Googled "flip bit" for both but saw nothing.
  3. I don't own that one myself. I've had to flip the bit a few times for laptops that didn't want to boot. had 1 hard drive stuck as fixed disk after flipping back over from removable, but it never was an issue for me, just a bit of a "huh... that's funny.." kind of moment. never needed the drive to be recognized as removable after that any way. All other times went without issue.
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