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Ok here it goes... I have a ssd installed with my windows on it and an Hdd installed i had hoped i could store all my games on the hdd and play em from there. I installed steam on the hdd and the shortcut works on my desktop but for some reason it wont load my library is that cause its not on the sdd with windows? Further more i downloaded a game called league of legends set it up to download on the hdd but after downloading had to install it it gave me no choice where and put it on my ssd... I mean theres something im doing wrong or dont understand... i want to put itunes on it as well but i need better understanding of what im doing here.. Please someone help me understand what im dealing with here better.
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  1. steam games are installed to the c:\users\[name]\My Documents\My Games folder
  2. If you're copying games from another machine or older hard drive, assuming all the paths are correct, restart Steam and install the game from your library window like you don't have it downloaded. Steam will recognize the game files that are already there and install almost instantly if there aren't any patches.
  3. This is a new computer and i just installed steam from the internet i figured steam would recognize my account and let me see my library games on it. instead it treats it like a new account says i have no friends games like a new account. on my laptop when i installed steam it automatically put my games in the library.

    Also im more concerned about understanding why my league of legends still installed on C: and not E: which is my hdd. And the fact im ignorant to using two drives...
  4. You might consider putting in a trouble ticket with Steam tech support if your library isn't showing games you've purchased through their service. That should follow you everywhere.

    The rules may be different if you only used Steam as a launch platform, or if the game was pre-installed on a new machine that you're no longer using. If the game is installed to C:, can it be run separately, or does it throw an error for Steam?
  5. My ssd is my C: drive and my hdd is E: drive i have steam on the hdd. steam opens as it should just it treats it as a new account. no error pops up but the shortcut on my desktop changed to a plain icon but it still works..
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    OK. League of Legends isn't a Steam game, so it won't have anything to do with Steam. It's installed to the C: drive because that's the default installation path the game will take, and you may have missed the spot where it can be changed to E:.

    As far as your Steam library being treated as a new account: if your games aren't showing up at all, and you've purchased them through Steam, you'll need a trouble ticket with them as there's nothing stored locally stating which games you own. You could try logging into to see if your Steam client is corrupted, but ultimately you need to contact them.
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