How do Compaq / HP Dicable standard vendor drivers?

I have an old compaq presario v6000 laptop, (V6630EM) that has been vexing me for years. It only ever came with vista, but i wanted to use XP, Linux, or windows 7 on it. The problem i have is it will never let you install vendor drivers for any devices. for example the n-vidia drivers state that i have to download the drivers direct from my vendor) Under linux i tried compiling my own n-vidia drivers but nothing ever worked. Hoes anyone know what the deal with this is? they must alter the hardware id or something?
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    Hmm...What happens if you download them directly -> or use the OEM CD via Exploring the CD for the 'Individual' divers installers OR Manually install them from the Device Manager 'Have Disk' -> CD?
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