Problem with Ati videocard after downgrade.

I have a problem with drivers to Ati Radeon HD 3470 after downgrading Vista to XP.
"Code 10 Error - This device cannot start "
I tried a lot of different drivers (from official websites of ATI and PackardBel) - the result was the same (I had the same errors).
Please help.
Laptop model - packardbell RS65-T-001
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  1. I'm assuming you didn't do a fresh install of XP? If so, I would recommend doing that.

    Otherwise, go and download the latest drivers for your card for XP.

    Next, go to Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs and uninstall all ATI drivers from there.

    Finally, I would then go into the device manager and uninstall the video card from there as well. XP should find it again upon reboot.

    Upon reboot, install the new drivers that you just downloaded.

    Hopefully, that should help.
  2. I tried to install XP sp3 and 7 - he result was the same :(
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