Is it wise to get a P8P67 mobo?

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Hey guys,

I've been doing a lot of research for my first build, and basically have all my specs down (i5 2500k, g.skill 4x2gb ripjaw F3-10666CL9D-8GBRL etc.), but am having a lot of trouble picking a P67 mobo.

Whenever I search forums for Asus P8p67 (whether vanilla, pro, delux), I always get a tonne of problem posts about this board with failed boots, and memory problems -- all kinds of things. (p8p67 problems is even a suggested google search)

Is the P8P67 a wise choice? It seems like so many owners have problems with it. Should I be looking at MSI, Gigabyte or ASRock instead? (Although forums show problems for these boards, there aren't as many)

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  1. I know that I do not have the experiences that some here have had. I bought the Asus p67 Pro the end of Jan, right before they pulled them due to the SATA issue. When I received mine, I updated the UEFI first thing with the latest one that was available. I also set the memory timing manually. I have not had any issues with my system. The "one click overclock" got me to 4.3ghz without any problems.
    I know some may disagree, but I love my Asus p67 and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
    Now I have heard great things about the ASRock and that might save you a few $ as well.
  2. RAM:

    The ASUS P8P67 PRO is a better match for OC with it's 12+2 Phase power over 6+2 or 8+2 which is fine for non-K. Yes, I agree with @ob1ofwis about updating the BIOS/EFI before installing Windows.

    edit: In addition, you need to remember ASUS sells 10:1 more than any other MOBO. Most of the limited issues that I've seen have more to do the HDD/SSD being recognized and other than users error, e.g. SATA Ports -> Disabled, flashing was the cure. :)
  3. I have the ASUS P8P67 Pro and have not encountered any issues with it thus far. Similar to ob1ofwis I love the board. When the SATA issue was announced, I contacted ASUS immediately and they were great. After confirming that they were aware of the issue, they went onto explain that if I should choose to do so they would assist me with replacing the board for a rev 3 if that was what I wanted as soon as they become available in my area. Obviously if I were to build one now I would just grab the rev 3, but the features on the board for the price is great.... do like that Sabertooth though :)
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