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I haven odd problem i've not seen before. My computer wont reset either from hardware or software. The screen goes blank, the power and hard drives stay on. Anyone have any idea what could cause this.
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  1. Lots of stuff;

    -The setting for peripherals in your BIOS may be set incorrectly. In other words; your BIOS is set to look for a card in the PCI slot when in fact your card is in the PCIx16.

    -Incorrect drivers can cause this.

    -You may have a broken cable or loose connection to the monitor.

    -Bad GPU.
  2. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Need some clarifications: Reset -> Using the Reset Case button?, and Software -> Windows Shutdown/Restart?

    If it's a button issue then look at the Front Panel wiring again, meaning pull them all and double-check.
  3. I can see couple problems:

    First, you plug the reset power button wrong onto the motherboard.
    Second, maybe your window froze and you can use shutdown at STAR?
    Third, incorrect driver for graphic card.

    last one would be your power supply didn't supply enough to your graphic card. If you use on board card= illuminate the issue.
  4. If I hit the reset button.. or choose restart from window. The monitor shuts down. I can't tell that anything else is happening. I did note the mouse didn't come on or the keyboard.
    I looked over cmos and i have to be the first one to say I don't understand all the settings there. I may have something set wrong but i wouldn't have a clue what. I changed graphics cards and i'm using and old nvidia 6600. doesn't pull as much as some of the new cards. The computer was working fine till i re-installed windows xp so I don't think its a button problem. The graphics card in an nvidia and the drivers came straight from their board.
  5. You reinstalled Windows XP, and,
    You installed a different graphics card. This would sound like a driver issue with the mouse and keyboard involved now.
    Did you ever clear CMOS?
    Do that, and if that doesn't fix it;
    click Start, right click on My Computer, click Manage, click Device Manager, click the + by Display Adapter, right click on the card shown, click uninstall, reboot.
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