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when i start up my computer it said that theres a corrupted file the c\system32\config\systm please tell me how can i solve it. I'm desperate can i repair this with no cd
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  1. i don't think so. I would use the cd because even if there is a way (probably take those files from another computer) it might generate more errors at least from the cd you know its re-registering them to your computer and everything is fresh and new
  2. thanks for that but i don have a cd where can i bought hat kind of cd
  3. The error you are getting is due to the system registry being corrupted and the first step I recommend you to do is perform a scan of the hard disk for errors from the recovery console, the second step to take is to perform a manual system restore of the registry as explained in this Microsoft web site.

    This is not for the beginner but if you try it you will learn a lot, but it would probably be easier to perform a repair install.

    If you don't have a CD you could repair it by putting your hard drive into another working computer and use the command prompt from there.
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