Good hard drives??

i was looking for a hard drive that is good and has quite alot of memory
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  1. i use the wd black series they got some with 64 meg buffer
  2. Simple question first... internal or external?
  3. scout_03 said:
    i use the wd black series they got some with 64 meg buffer

    The Western Digital Caviar Green series also has 64MB in the current models. They don't come close to the Blacks in performance. I recommend choosing another reason for your suggestion.
  4. internal hard drive and any good like 1tb ones or any suggestions?
  5. Caviar Blue or Caviar Black hard drives are great drives (blacks are somewhat faster than Blues) for internal storage. There are 1TB models. Do you have a prefered website that you buy from?
  6. uhm amazon or newegg :/
  7. so far on what i read there really noisy????
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    Not in my experience.

    If you think that they are too nisy, then a Caviar Green drive is a good option so long as you don't use it in a RAID array, but it won't be as fast as the Blues and especially not as fast as the Blacks. The Caviar Reds are also good, but they're built for external storage more than internal storage.
  9. okay thanks :D
  10. Glad to help.
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