Hard drive is slow

guys guide me...
when i going to play a song from my hard drive then song is played by my pc after that when i forward the song it stucks fro some times... then after its play normally...dont know whats wrong with him :o plz tell me
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  1. run disk cleanup and then Defragment the hard drive (right click on the drive in My Computer, select properties, then go to the tools tab)

    open a command prompt windows and run a chkdsk /r on the problem drive.

    More information would be helpful. what kind of hard drive? what kind of system? What OS?

    How full is you hard drive?

    How many running processes do you have?

    What media player are you using?

    also; try disabling the Indexing service and see if it improves. if not, right click on My Computer and select Manage, then select Device Manager, then select the problem hard drive located in Disk Drives. Right click on the drive and select properties then go to the Policy tab. Is disk caching enabled? If so, don't mess with it. If not, turn it on.
  2. my hard drive is WD 250gb.. i'm using 64bit win7... harddrive is empty almost... he makes trouble to me there fore i formatted and delet the all parttions.. and make new partions... before deleting the i am facing a serious problem ... the OS is not install on my harddrive... after deleting and making new partiotions by 3rd party tools am able to install new os on my hard drive but the reading speed is very slow of hard drive ... although the OS runs fine.. i make 2 parttions one is 20 gb and other one of 230gb almost.. 20 partions doesn't trouble me but 230gb parttions sucks... plz help
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