Is a standard PSU compatible with Dell?

I have a Dell Inspiron Desktop 545 just over one year old (ie few weeks over warranty) which suffered sudden death due, I think, to PSU failure. I want to replace it with a standard PSU, maybe Corsair 400 or 500. The current PSU is a Dell Hi-Pro HP-P3017F3P (Dell #YX446). It looks standard. It has 24 pin MB connector with all colours in right positions. It also has an auxiliary 4pin MB connector.

1)the auxiliary MB connector has BROWN BROWN Black Black (not yellow, Yellow, Black, Black)
2) the 24 pin connector has an extra brown wire shoved in the same hole as the first orange wire.
Could this tiny difference make it incompatible with standard PSUs? I do not want fried MB n' chips.
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  1. I would post your question in one of the dell forums.
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