Got 4870, but need output for 2 monitors plus TV

Hi. I'm Norwegian, and I haven't used English for a while.. but here it goes, when I bought my new machine in January 2009 I thought it would be better to buy a decent card now, than to buy something and later upgrade. I did play 20 hours of Conan, so the 4870 wasn't a total waste. ;)

But the situation I'm in now is that I've got two monitors on my desk. I also use my computer as a video player for my TV. To accomplish this I have to change cables at the back of my computer.. and I do this almost every day. So now I have some questions. If I buy a new graphics card, and I don't crossfire them, I could connect both the two monitors and the tv at the same time?

If I buy a new card, how much should I spend? I've been looking at Radeon HD 5670 and Geforce 9800GT. Would one of those be an OK card for me? I would like to be able to play FullHD mkv movies without problems.

Or has anyone got any recommendations?

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  1. To hook more than 2 displays into 1 card, you can use a 5670 + a displayport adapter to have all devices connected to your card, no more swapping cables.

    A displayport adapter costs almost as much as a 5670, so if you do ANY gaming at all anymore, and your motherboard can crossfire, 2x 5670s would be a better choice.

    Geforce cards can only do 2 screens per card, so with a geforce card you would still have to swap cables.
  2. I was planning on using the 4870 and the new card at the same time. With a total of two outputs from each card.
    :wahoo: Wouldn't that work?
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