Are TriCool fans safe?


I bought an Antec 300 case on sale, and I want to add some more case fans

I'm looking at the Antec TriCool fans which they recommend... it's a cheap fan with a low/med/high controller, but I am wondering if this is a safe fan to use.... looking at pictures, the controller is hung by a long wire....

So if I add two on the front and one on the side, plus the other two it already comes with, the case will have hanging wires all over...

This may be a dumb question but if I move the case around can a wire fall into CPU fan or some other fan? A when I turn on the PC it will fry my components.
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  1. tie the wires to something so that they can't swing into another fan?
  2. What usually are they tied to? Sorry this is my first build.

    I was thinking to tape them on the case, could that also work? I like the tie idea though more professional.
  3. you can tuck them behind the motherboard tray,
    into little gaps, double them back on themselves and tape up that way, have a look in my siglinks for some ideas on cable management,
    be creative, tinker, experiment, play around, find what you can do and find a way to do it :)
    good luck man and we want pictures of the finished job :)
  4. what are you considering to be the problem? If you are concerned about the control leads getting caught in a fan and being damaged the only way that this would happen is if the lead was just touching the fan and over 100xthousands of revolutions it slowly nibbled away at the plastic, but you would hear an almighty racket whilst it was doing this.
    The wire&plastic will be strong enough to stop the blade dead if it was directly in the way. In this case yes your cpu will heat up, but slowly as you still have the heat sink attached.
  5. +1 to motopschyojdn, let us know how it turns out.

    Those 120mm tricools at the slowest setting give very very good air for noise ratio, a very good starting point, in fact there's no where really to go from there with that flexibility, scyth kaze jyuni's perhaps
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