HD5850 for 3D vision?

Hi, i was thinking if there is any way i can use a HD5850 for Nvideas 3D vision?
If not, how much better is the gtx 480 compared to the 5850.
The price is the double so i am thinking that it must atleast be as good.
Or is there any cheaper card for the 3d vision there can be compared to the 5850?
And could i maybe SLI 5850 and another card it work on together?
I have no idea about the subject so thanks a lot for your help!
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  1. You can only do 3D Vision with nvidia. The 480 is a lot better then the 5850, but the 470 would be what you'd be looking at if you were looking for something in the 5850 power/price range.
  2. But is the 480 the extra money worth?
  3. Go for a pair of GTX 460's then.
    Less money, and better performance.

    Or get one GTX 460, that should run you about $210 or $250(overclocked version).
    That should be able to run any game out there in 3d at 1080p fine.

    Well except SE's new killer title FFXIV. Im getting myself a pair of GTX 460's. Hope that will be enough!
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