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Hello,so I have created a new partition with partition magic,the computer rebootet finished his work,I've copied the files from C ot the new partition no problem here,but I thing i should mention this.After that I placed the Win boot cd started the install and after it reached the blue screen Windows setup the computer freezed.It didnt show the black signs (For system recovery pres F2;Kernell debugger) it just crashed.Ive rebooted it tried with couple of windows bootable cd-s,still the same.I ve tried to start it in safe mode,last known good configoration,start windows normaly but when I press enter to choose one of the options it freezes again,same happens when I wait 30 seconds.After this Ive put the hard drive on my PC,cleaned it from viruses,I have made format and I have installed the windows on the hard disc on my computer with no problems.But when I conected it with the other PC It didnt find the hard drive.When it goes to NTLDR is missing when i press enter it freezes.When I get the sign Plese insert system disc it crashes some times or it goes to Checking your hardware configoration and freezes then.I placed my RAM on the other PC it got pass those,started to install windows but when it reached karnell debugger or the next one it crashed again.The second time it crashed earlyer.When i change the old ram back it goes to karnell debugger and again a crash,and the same repeats.Ive tried Memtest86 but it crashes too :D When i try to format it with a bootable cd it crashed again.I have tried Memtest86 and Hirens boot CD and the PC crashes again when Im using the.Please if someone can help me I will be realy gratefull :) sory if there are some mistakes with the spelling or gramar im not a native speacer :D
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  1. Was the system working fine before partition magic? If so, did you touch alot of components while trying to fix the problem? I wouldn't touch the components too much; try installing the ram one more time. When I have hardrive recognition issues, I use the hardrive software to prep it as master or secondary before installing windows. You can't install windows on one motherboard and move the drive to another board. Each board is unique with different motherboard device drivers. Windows will always go into a reboot loop when changing boards. You have to install windows on the board it will be running on.
  2. Yes but when i try to install the windows on the bugged PC it crashes.I didnt touch anithing.The system worked fine before the partition and after it too.I have tried installing the ram again,tried with a diferent RAM the computer just freezes.Whatever I do as soon as I pass the BIOS splashscreen the computer freezes
  3. You can try resetting the bios to the default level. Use the cmos jumper, or simply remove the board battery for one minute with the power supply unplugged. Sorry I can't be more help. At this point you will have to continue troubleshooting. Start by unplugging each device one by one until you're down to just one drive. Could be a bad ram stick on one slot only, or even a power supply issue causing the freeze ups. Good luck.
  4. ...looks like your BIOS is reporting incorrect partion sizes to your OS which is causing the hang. Two solutions I would try a new hard drive and load the OS on this and then put the afflicted drive in as a secondary or slave drive. Sol'n two would be to format the entire drive, removing all newly created partions, and repartition the drive using the OS and copy back the data to the appropriate drives. This might require a lot of free storage space on you working pc... maybe and external hard drive may be a suitable sol'n for this task.
  5. I will try removing the battery,I havent thought of that :) I've tried ressetting the BIOS to defaults but the PC freezes again.I have tried with diferent RAM sticks the same thing again.
    The computer keeps on crashing even without a hard disc so i dont think the problem is there.The Hard drive is working fine on the working PC
  6. Best answer well ventilated is your system...if it's freezing even in the BIOS screen... maybe the CPU is overheating.... the only issue I had that was similar was through buying a ABIT Fatal1ty mainboard known to have come from a faulty batch...that mobo worked fine to start with and then one day simply refused to boot past the memory count.. found it out to be flakey CPU support in that the mobo read the temperature of the CPU incorrectly.

    It might also be an Idea to check the PSU as it may not be delivering clean power to the CPU... that would do it to...
  7. It freezes after the BIOS screen :) the system has 3 fans and they seem to work fine but when I check the RPM's they'r all at 0 :( How to check the PSU with the a voltage metter?
  8. ....depends sometimes on it's rated power output....if your system is say less than 5 years old I'd reckon you would need around a 500W PSU....probably even a bit higher with a high end graphic card. You only want to stop the freezing, so see if you can use the PSU from your working PC and check if that rectifies the boot issue.

    When systems fail at that very early stage of the boot process you can almost bet either, mobo, RAM or GPU... mostly if any of those components have failed you will get some audible warning from the mainboard...but you won't get anything from the PSU, unless the GPU is under powered, which is reported to the screen, well at least for Radeons.

    I have had a PSU (brand new) looked like it was fully working, but delivered absolutely no power to the system...but of course there was no screen of any sort, not even a frozen BIOS screen.

    If you can afford to replace the PSU it won't hurt to have a spare one around as they probably have the highest failure rate of any pc part anyway and you could use it at some stage even if it doesn't fix your current problem...but it needs to be eliminated as the cause of your problem..
  9. ...check the cpu fan that it's rotating freely and at the right speed...sometimes dirt clogs them up or the bearings can fail and they cease up...with out the fan and fluff in the heatsink the cpu will overheat...
  10. I have writen to 3-4 forums and the final suggestion everywhere is to try with a different PSU :) so im not absolutely shoor I can do it but I will try :) I know about the failure of the power supply,I have changet one on the computer that Im working now.The fan is rotatin but when I check the RPM's in the BIOS the CPU fan and the System fan both have 0 RPM's.That seem like something wrong to me.....but the fans are working....
  11. yep you know your job :D It was the PSU :P thank you for your answer's :) But now the PC cant find the Hard drive :D
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